Lab awarded National Eye Institute R21 grant to study optic nerve disease. Read more about this research and award here.

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 13:45


Recently we identified a defect in the matrix metalloproteinase 19 (MMP19) gene that causes cavitary optic disc anomaly (CODA), a disease of the optic nerve with similarities to glaucoma. We have proposed a series of experiments using large cohorts of glaucoma patients and human donor eye tissue to 1) determine if some fraction of glaucoma is also caused by defects in the MMP19 gene and to 2) elucidate the biological pathway by which defects in the MMP19 gene lead to CODA. These experiments will provide key insights into the biology of optic nerve diseases and may ultimately lay the foundation for the development of novel sight-saving interventions for CODA and glaucoma.

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