"Inside Iowa Medicine” features the Glaucoma Research Center

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 08:45

On September 12, University of Iowa held an event “Inside Iowa Medicine” that featured our Glaucoma Research Center that was co-hosted by Vice President of Medical Affairs, Jean Robillard and Dean of the College of Medicine, Debra Schwinn. The program included a full day of presentations, lab tours, and discussions that highlighted our glaucoma research efforts. Click on title to see more about the event.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014: The Glaucoma Research Center

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 33.jpeg
Vice President of Medical Affairs Jean Robillard introduces the Glaucoma Research Center and the Wynn Institute for Vision Research.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 62.jpeg
Director of the Glaucoma Service, Lee Alward outlines the scope of vision loss and disability caused by glaucoma.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 108.jpeg
Dr. Budd Tucker describes stem cell-based approaches to study and cure blindness.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 113 copy.jpeg
Dr. Stone describes how the WIVR’s new robot allows high throughput experiments to search for new disease-causing genes.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 129.jpeg
Dr. Fingert discusses discovery of a glaucoma-causing gene.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 130 copy.jpeg
Dr. Kuehn describes studies of human donor eyes and strategies to investigate the causes of glaucoma.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 139 copy.jpeg
Dr. Anderson and the Glaucoma Zoo - a collection of laboratory animals used to study glaucoma.

Inside Iowa Medicine 2014 143.jpeg
Dr. Sheffield shares results that suggest a new glaucoma therapy.

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